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Un traître envers la Voile sanglante

That mangy dog, Revilgaz, has offered to pardon any former Bloodsails willing to turn on their cap'n! That bilge sucker asked me to go an' off me ole' mates and to bring back their bandannas as proof.

I don't have it in me heart to do that, nor will I ask ye to. Bring me some silk cloth and red dye and I'll make suitable replicas. I'll tell the Baron you went turncoat, but be warned... the Bloodsails are not gonna like it!

Fin de la quête

Let us observe a minute of silence for our fallen mates, <nom>.

Being a traitor is one thing, murdering yer own buckos... that'd be just downright despicable, aye!
L'intégralité de cette quête se déroule à Strangleronce septentrionale

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