BETA A Bird's-Eye View - Quêtes

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  • Level: 64
  • Required Level: 61
  • Difficulté : 61 62 67 70
  • Faction: Alliance & Horde


BETA A Bird's-Eye View

Bring the Eye of Veil Skith, the Eye of Veil Shienor, and the Eye of Veil Reskk to Kurgatok at Stonebreaker Hold.


With no further information to go on, we're in a difficult situation. I'm not going to give up on finding and rescuing Dugar. His abduction isn't an accident, <name>.

The arakkoa are up to something, but what is it they're planning?

Kurgatok the warlock knows something of their peculiar magic. With the right tools, he can scare up some new information for us. He'll need the "eye" crystals from each of the arakkoa towns north of the Bone Wastes - Veil Skith, Veil Reskk, and Veil Shienor.


Odd, these eyes are not exactly what I am used to working with. The way that the arakkoa use their magic is slightly different than our own.

It looks like we're going to need one more thing if I'm going to be able to scry for the information to locate Dugar.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 78000 experience.

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