Bring Me A Shrubbery! - Quêtes

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  • Level: 65
  • Required Level: 63
  • Difficulté : 63 68 71
  • Type : Dungeon
  • Faction: Alliance & Horde
  • Start: Gzhun'tt
  • End: Gzhun'tt

Bring Me A Shrubbery!

Collect 5 Sanguine Hibiscus and return them to Gzhun'tt at Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh.


We must replenish our supply of sanguine hibiscus, which we use for a number of purposes. They used to grow thick as shrubs, but the lowering of the marsh's water levels means that they can only be found now in the Underbog at Coilfang Reservoir, under Serpent Lake.

It is said that the shamblers, bog giants, and underbats there consider them a delicacy. So, if you are to help us, you must retrieve the flowers from them.


These will do nicely, but we can always use more. Perhaps you will find yourself in the Underbog again soon?
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 110000 experience.
  • 750 reputation with Sporeggar
The entirety of this quest happens at Zangarmarsh

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