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The Horde Needs More Mithril Bars!

Bring 20 Mithril Bars to Senior Sergeant T'kelah at the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.


Yup, I be glad you're here, mon. You helped me before, and now I need your help again. We still lookin' ta bring in more mithril bars for the war effort; gonna build lots of armor and weapons and things to go squish them bugs at Ahn'Qiraj.

So if you be a true friend, you bring me back more stacks of mithril bars. I take all you got until we hit our quota. You have some for me now?


That be good work <name>! Another twenty bars get us that much closer to the goal, and get us more war materiel. I see to it they get put away. And if you get another stack of mithril bars mon, you make sure to be bringin' them here to me.

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