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Speaking with Nezzliok

Bring a Balia'mah Trophy, a Ziata'jai Trophy and a Zul'Mamwe Trophy to the Bubbling Cauldron at the Grom'gol Base Camp.


It is true. I know where the child of the Darkspears was taken. You have bested me and bound my spirit, but I will say nothing without appeasement!

The Bloodscalps war with the Skullsplitters. To gain my favor, steal from the Skullsplitters 3 of their trophy skulls and place them here with us, so that my spirit will have slaves in the Nether. One skull must be from their trophy pile in Balia'mah, another from Ziata'jai, and the last from Zul'Mamwe.


Yes. These will serve me well. When my spirit is freed, I will enter the Nether with three fine servants!

You are a credit to your <race> clan, and you have appeased me.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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