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Kill 8 Dark Iron Geologists and bring 15 pieces of Silk Cloth to the person locked in the outhouse in Searing Gorge.


Hey! Hey, you! Get over here!

Ya gotta help me out. I was runnin' from them Dark Iron dwarves, and I hid in here to get out of sight. Damn bastard geologists and their magic ways! They musta seen me hide, cause next thing I knew, they locked the door and stuck me in here.

Teach them geologists a lesson! Oh... an' can ya get me some pieces of silk cloth for... for... nothin'.


Oh, this is great! Nice feel to it too!

What? Oh, yeah... geologists. Got 'em good, did ya? I can't thank ya enough, <name>. That'll give me some time to finish up in here... I mean, it'll let me not have to worry about them comin' back for me anytime soon. Thanks again.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 3900 experience.

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