Aquementas - Quêtes


Take the Book of Aquor, the Silvery Claws, and the Irontree Heart to Tanaris.

Use the Book of Aquor to summon Aquementas.

After you have the completed totem, take it to J.D. Collie in Marshal's Refuge.


Take this bag of supplies with you to Tanaris. Travel to Lost Rigger Cove, and look for a circle of stones.

The eastmost peninsula is the secret...

From this circle only, read from the book of Aquor; summon the only creature that can transform the items you collected into a totem to fight Blazerunner.

Aquementas will not be pleased to be awakened, but remember, you must remain in the circle for him to transform the items.


Blazerunner, you say...

Yes, I am aware that a strong elemental resides in the charred center of the crater. We all just keep our distance; none have been able to penetrate the powerful aura that surrounds him. Many have been pushed from the rocky paths onto the ground below when trying to face him.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 5450 experience.
This quest starts at Felwood and ends at Un'Goro Crater

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