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The Tome of Divinity

Take the Symbol of Life and speak to Muiredon Battleforge in Ironforge.


I want you to take this, <name>. It is called the Symbol of Life.

You've proven charitable and patient, and now I want you to prove just how adept you've become in both combat, and power.

My husband Muiredon returned recently from an encounter with some Dark Iron dwarves, and he barely escaped with his life--he's over there having his wounds healed by one of our priests.

Take the Symbol and speak to him. If you can help him, then we will speak again soon. May the Light shine upon you.



Good day to ya, <class>. Don't mind me wounds, the good priest 'ere'll take care of ol' Muiredon in time. Not needin' the power of that Symbol of Life ya got there quite yet.

So, me wife sent ya o'er to speak to me, huh? Fair 'nough. I'll take the time to talk to ya-I'll tell ya exactly wut happened to Muiredon and his best friend Narm, a <class> jus' like yerself.
The entirety of this quest happens at Ironforge

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