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Gryphon Master Talonaxe

Speak with Gryphon Master Talonaxe inside the Aerie Peak Aviary.


So you're a glorified errand $g boy:girl; for some old Explorers' League geezer, eh?

Well you listen to me, <class>. I don't know who your old buddy was flying around with down in Azeroth. Do I look like Gryphon Master Talonaxe to you? Do I?

If you're so interested in the flight assignments why don't you ask the gryphon master? If I catch you idling around here for much longer, I'm going to put you to some real work.

Now get a move on.


Ah, yes. Of course I remember sending one of my gryphon riders to lend a hand to Brohann Caskbelly.

Always had a soft spot in my heart for the Explorers' League. My father helped with the initial excavation team that discovered Uldaman as a matter of fact.

I sent who I thought was my best gryphon rider at the time with Brohann. He was a chap by the name of Rhapsody Shindigger.

And what a gryphon jockey he was! Well until...
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 900 experience.
The entirety of this quest happens at Hillsbrad Foothills

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