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Levixus the Soul Caller

Destroy Levixus and take the Book of the Dead from his possession.

Deliver the Book of the Dead to Ramdor the Mad standing outside the Auchenai Crypt entrance of Auchindoun.

You had a deal, remember?


Go now, <name>. You will find Levixus on the uppermost ruins of Auchindoun. Enter there from the southern reaches of the Bone Wastes. He stands amidst a storm of souls...

Destroy him and take the book of the dead. Once you have the cursed book in your possession, destroy it! Destroy it so that such an atrocity can never again be made possible.


If the old draenei said to destroy the book, why didn't you?

Bah, what's the difference. You might be greedy but at least you're honest.

Me on the other hand... I lied to get this book. I have no idea where these poor lost souls kept their treasure nor would I tell you if I did - however - I do have something for you. You did a good thing on this day. Perhaps a great thing... You should be rewarded.

By the way, welcome to the fold.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
This quest starts at Nagrand and ends at Terokkar Forest

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