Silex à aiguiser lourd - Quêtes

Informations supplémentaires

  • Niveau : 60
  • Niveau requis : 10
  • Faction : Alliance & Horde
  • Début : Kerri Hicks
  • Fin : Kerri Hicks

Silex à aiguiser lourd

To help with my workout, I like to fit a staff between heavy grinding stones, then lift the staff over my head. It isn't easy, but being the strongest woman in the world, like I am, can't be earned sitting down!

Can you help me? I need more grinding stones - bring me some and I'll trade Darkmoon Faire tickets for them.

Fin de la quête

You brought the stones! And they're heavy! I can already feel my muscles getting bigger. Thanks <nom>!

Here, take these tickets, and be sure not to eat too many sweets while your at the faire. A big strong <classe> like you needs to keep himself in fighting shape!
L'intégralité de cette quête se déroule à Forêt d'Elwynn

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