Onyxian le drake de l'Aile-du-Néant onyx - Quêtes

Informations supplémentaires

  • Niveau : 70
  • Niveau requis : 70
  • Difficulté : 70 73 77
  • Faction : Alliance & Horde
  • Début : Onyxian
  • Fin : Onyxian

Requis, avoir terminé

Onyxian le drake de l'Aile-du-Néant onyx

Fin de la quête

It is an honor to meet you, <nom>. We have all been keeping a close eye on your adventures and are grateful for all that you have done for the Netherwing Dragonflight.

If you choose me as your compatriot, I will fly you to the ends of this world and back. Whatever it is that you ask of me, I will do my best to comply.

Be warned that you may only select one of us for your journeys in Outland. Once the selection has been made, you cannot change your mind.
L'intégralité de cette quête se déroule à Shattrath

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