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Us or Them

Kill Overlord Gorefist, 10 Ango'rosh Maulers, and 10 Ango'rosh Souleaters and report back to Shadow Hunter Denjai in Zabra'jin.
Ango'rosh Mauler (10) killed
Ango'rosh Souleater (10) killed


In order to end the Ango'rosh threat, we must kill their leader, Overlord Gorefist. We'll do better than that, though. We'll make an example of the overlord and his followers.

Go to the Ango'rosh Stronghold and deal with our foes. The stronghold is located in a cave on a small island to the northwest of Zabra'jin. You'll see a bridge made from a fallen mushroom beyond the Ango'rosh Camp.

Show no mercy, <name>. They certainly wouldn't spare any of us.


Your victory over the Ango'rosh is to be celebrated, <name>. I wonder how long it will be before those ogre brutes find themselves another bloodthirsty chieftain.

No matter, we'll be ready for them.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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