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Pilfered Equipment

Bring Clopper's Equipment back to Clopper Wizbang, who is hiding in a beached turtle shell.


Shh! Keep your voice down and don't call attention to me.

If the murlocs detect my presence, the experiment will be ruined! I've already come perilously close to contaminating my data.

While I was foraging yesterday, one of them must've wandered too close and discovered my camp. I returned just in time to see two of them carrying off a crate with most of my equipment! It's bound to be in one of their settlements around here, but I can't risk revealing my presence. Are you willing to help?


This is fantastic! The theft of my equipment has given me more insight into the nature of these murlocs than I could have possibly gained in weeks of observations!

I know what I'm going to say in my report already.

'When faced with the products of a technologically superior culture, the Blacksilt displayed none of the curiosity characteristic of emerging cultures in humanoid species.'

It's brilliant! The gentlemen in Ironforge are going to love it! I can't thank you enough, <name>.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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