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Fish Heads, Fish Heads...

Collect 8 Grimscale Murloc Heads. Return them to Hathvelion Sungaze in the Eversong Woods on the bluff overlooking the Tranquil Shore.


Greetings, <class>. Take a look toward the shore; what do you see? That's right, our beach... our Tranquil Shore, has been infested with the malignancy known as the murloc.

This blight will not stand!

I have a task for you. If you feel that you're up to it, I would have their heads! Let us see if we can put a dent in their numbers so large that, if they have any sense at all, they will return to the murky depths from which they sprang!


A job well done. by the smell of it, I'd say you returned all that I asked for, and possibly more. I'm sure we can find some use for these, in a stew, or somesuch.

Alas, it does not appear that your efforts have done the trick; the murlocs are not in retreat. This calls for more direct action!
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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