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The Horde Needs Spotted Yellowtail!

Bring 20 Spotted Yellowtail to Fisherman Lin'do at the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.


It be a nice day for fishin', don't'cha think mon? Good thing, cuz I be needin' a lot of fish it lookin' like. The Horde, they askin' me to be in charge of collectin' a ton of the spotted yellowtail for them. They say they needin' it for the war they getting' ready for at Ahn'Qiraj. I say to them I do the best I can. So I be needin' to get some help. You gonna be helpin' me, <class>?


Oh ya, this be the good stuff. I pack it up real nice so it not go to waste. Thanks be to you for helpin' me out like this. I'm thinkin' you an A-number-one fisherman for all this spotted yellowtail. An if you happen to fish up and cook even more, you bring it to me here; I make sure everyone know you did!

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