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The Horde Needs More Firebloom!

Bring 20 Firebloom to Batrider Pele'keiki at the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.


Pele'keiki know you come to help. Bring many firebloom and make him very happy. Pele'keiki might make big bombs with firebloom. Drop them on insects from his bat over Ahn'Qiraj when war come. But Pele'keiki need more firebloom, <class>!

You gonna bring Pele'keiki that firebloom, real quick now. Come back with at least as much as last time, and Pele'keiki be pleased.


This no joke, <class>? You bring Pele'keiki firebloom that fast? Pele'keiki count them up right now, mon! You makin' Pele'keiki so happy, he be tellin' everyone, <name> best firebloom collector ever! Pele'keiki can't wait for war to start. Now we really light up the sky over Silithus, right, bruddah?!

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