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The Horde Needs Mithril Bars!

Bring 20 Mithril Bars to Senior Sergeant T'kelah at the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar.


<class>, the war it is comin' and the only thing we can do is prepare for it. That be where you and I can help each other, mon. Ya see, they put me in charge of collectin' all the mithril bars we be needin' ta build for all the things we gonna need. An I still be needin' more!

So, I be hopin' that you can get out there an mine us up some mithril, then smelt it into bars. Sound like something you can do for us?


This be a good start for you an me, <class>. That be another twenty mithril bars that I can be puttin' on the stacks an checkin' off of the list. It all gonna be put to good use makin' the war materiel.

Be makin' sure that you check back in with me 'cuz you know it be lookin' like we gonna need even more of those mithril bars.

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