The Alliance Needs Spotted Yellowtail! - Quêtes

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The Alliance Needs Spotted Yellowtail!

Bring 20 Spotted Yellowtail to Huntress Swiftriver at the Military Ward in Ironforge.


It may not seem heroic to gather up cooked fish, but do not underestimate the value of preparation, young <class>. Soldiers need to eat like anyone else, and we're here to do our part to make sure they have what they need once the war in Ahn'Qiraj commences.

Accordingly, I am stockpiling spotted yellowtail, a versatile source of sustenance that stores well and can be used in many different dishes. It also doesn't have the odor of some other saltwater fish. Are you willing to aid me in this endeavor?


Thank you for this gift, <class>, and in such a timely manner as well. Our soldiers will surely not lack for something to eat. Just let me get these fish stored away properly and then you and I can discuss a second haul if you're willing.

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