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Dispelling Evil

Collect 20 Minion's Scourgestones and bring them to High Priest Thel'danis in the Western Plaguelands.


Greetings, <class>. Crusaders like you are a welcome sight in these desolate reaches.

Your holy strength is needed to help fight the endless undead here. We need you to collect a large number of scourgestones and bring them to High Priest Thel'danis. The high priest can be found guarding Uther's Tomb in Sorrow Hill, not far from here.

Only one with an Argent Dawn Commission can hope to find scourgestones, so speak to Officer Pureheart if you haven't already.


There is risk in dispelling the evil from a scourgestone, for it attracts the attention of undead for countless miles. But you are strong in the Light, <name>, and I do not fear for you...
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
The entirety of this quest happens at Western Plaguelands

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