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Windows to the Source

Bring 4 Wraith Essences and 1 Tainted Wraith Essence to Summoner Teli'Larien at the Sunspire on Sunstrider Isle.


Heed my words, young one - there is a taint about this island, and it is far more potent than the remnants of the Scourge.

I believe there is a true demonic presence on the isle.

West of here are the spires of Falthrien Academy. The arcane wraiths that infest it are a window to the source of demonic power. You are to bring me the essences of tainted and untainted wraiths.

In exchange for your obedience, I'll teach you how to summon an imp companion - your first of many as a warlock.


Well done! Yes, this should be enough essence to get started on my research. I have a strong feeling that this tainted essence will be just the thing... the window, as I mentioned.

Following the orders of your masters is highly recommended as a young <class>. As I promised you, here is the reward for obeying instructions and completing them in a competent manner - the knowledge to summon and bind your own imp.

Use it well, <name>

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