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Defeat Stinglasher in the Writhing Deep, bringing its glands back to Hadoken Swiftstrider at Camp Mojache, Feralas.


In surveying the Writhing Deep, one of our scouts reported seeing a giant insect - much larger than the other insects spotted - wandering about the twisted terrain. Not only is it larger, it also seems to secrete some sort of aura that the other insects don't. We've given it a name - Stinglasher.

The innards of this beast would be invaluable to study as we figure out the best way to deal with this new threat. Cut out its secretion glands and bring it back to me immediately!


Impressive, <class>... most impressive! If Stinglasher is indeed one of their strongest creatures, the study of the beast will prove to be quite valuable in time. It's now my charge to make sure we defend ourselves long enough to take advantage of it.

Please accept this coin bounty as a token of the entire camp's thanks, <name>. Well done.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
The entirety of this quest happens at Feralas

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