Scrounging - Quêtes

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  • Level: 40
  • Required Level: 35
  • Difficulté : 35 38 43 48
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Start: Sigrun Ironhew
  • End: Sigrun Ironhew
  • Races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome



Get 7 pieces of Scrap Metal for Sigrun.


It's going to be tough going here if I can't manage to scrounge up some materials to construct some defenses and other necessities. I've noticed that the ogres in the area seem to be well equipped with scrap metal. Maybe the stories of siege engines in the Badlands weren't so far off after all...

Anyways, the Prospector's been getting worried about the state of our little camp, so I'd like to get working soon if I can.

The main ogre camp is at Dustbelch Grotto, a good trek to the west of here.


It's a start, <name>, and it'll have to do until we hear word from Ironforge or the Explorers' League.

Now, if only I could find some salt somewhere for my quenching barrel...


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 3150 experience.
  • 250 reputation with Ironforge
The entirety of this quest happens at Badlands

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