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Return to Chromie

Take the Bundle of Relics to Chromie in Andorhal.


You have gathered many relics of the battle of Darrowshire. Each time you returned with more, my heart yearned for my village... yearned to protect it from its fate.

I know that cannot be, but Chromie, that strange gnome in Andorhal, tells me it is possible. She says you can save Darrowshire!

She asked me to gather together the relics, and to have you bring them to her. She said that she awaits you in the ruined inn of Andorhal.


Ah yes, there they are. Together they weave a powerful spell, one that will raise the spirits of Darrowshire.

With that spell, and with a little luck, we can save Joseph Redpath!
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 3300 experience.
This quest starts at Eastern Plaguelands and ends at Western Plaguelands

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