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Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher

Find Doctor Theolen Krastinov inside the Scholomance. Destroy him, then burn the Remains of Eva Sarkhoff and the Remains of Lucien Sarkhoff. Return to Eva Sarkhoff when the task is complete.
-Remains of Eva Sarkhoff
-Remains of Lucien Sarkhoff


Krastinov is responsible for the deaths of thousands. He must be punished, justice must be meted out.

Find him and exact upon him the agony he has inflicted upon countless innocents. Once he is destroyed, burn our remains. Turn them to ashes, <name>.


I can feel my spirit healing, <name>. You have done my husband and I a great service, but I am certain there is more to be done.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 6600 experience.
The entirety of this quest happens at Western Plaguelands

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