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Leggings of Arcana

In order to create the Leggings of Arcana, you will be required to bring the following items back to Malyfous Darkhammer: 1 Pristine Hide of the Beast; 5 Frayed Abomination Stitchings; 5 Arcanite Bars; 5 Frostwhisper's Embalming Fluid.

You will also be required to pay 50 gold pieces for the crafting of the item.


While the crafting of such an item has never successfully been accomplished, it is thought to be possible - under the right circumstance.

Should the seeker of arcanum desire to imbue leggings with immense power, the following they must find:

* The pristine hide of the Beast.

* Frayed abomination stitchings.

*Arcanite Bars.

*Frostwhisper's embalming fluid.



Few more improbable tasks I have seen completed by mortals. Bask in the glory of my handiwork! Reap its rewards!
This quest ends at Winterspring

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