The Algaz Gauntlet - Quêtes

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  • Level: 21
  • Required Level: 19
  • Difficulté : 19 24 27
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Start: Mountaineer Rockgar
  • End: Valstag Ironjaw
  • Races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome


The Algaz Gauntlet

Traverse Dun Algaz.

Kill 8 Dragonmaw Scouts and 6 Dragonmaw Grunts.

Report to Valstag Ironjaw in Menethil Harbor.
Dragonmaw Scout (8) killed
Dragonmaw Grunt (6) killed


Orcs of the Dragonmaw clan have a haven in the Wetlands. And now they have expanded into Dun Algaz! We can't let them keep their foothold here or Loch Modan will be cut off from Menethil Harbor, our port and stronghold in the Wetlands.

Break through Dun Algaz to the Wetlands beyond, and kill some orcs for good measure! Report to Valstag Ironjaw in Menethil Harbor.

Menethil is through Dun Algaz, then north along the road, then west at the fork.

We're counting on you, <name>. Do not fail.


Your report is full of bad news!

I see the Dragonmaws are making a strong move into Algaz. Normally the Dragonmaws just hide up in the hills. What made them surge into Algaz is still a mystery...

Thank you, <name>. And we'll probably want your help dealing with these orcs.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
This quest starts at Loch Modan and ends at Wetlands

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