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Rise of the Silithid

Bring Raschal's Report to Gracina Spiritmight in Darnassus.


I am entrusting you with a copy of the report Raschal made on the infestation of southeastern Feralas. While the main report is being filed in Darnassus, I want you to give this copy to an associate of the Protectorate. Her name is Gracina Spiritmight; she is a priestess who dwells in the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. She has broad knowledge on these kinds of creatures, and her receiving this report would benefit us all.

You're dismissed - good luck, <name>; may Elune watch over us all.


We night elves know of the terror outlined in this report. Shandris was wise to send this, and you, to me.

These creatures will consume Feralas rapidly; they are nothing short of one of the greatest menaces we all will ever face. The insects you and the courier encountered are known as the silithid. They are mere tools of one of the greatest threats that both the Horde and Alliance will ever face.

I pray we will have the resolve to defeat them before they destroy us.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
This quest starts at Feralas and ends at Teldrassil

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