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Thelsamar Blood Sausages

Bring 3 pieces of Bear Meat, 3 Boar Intestines, and 3 Spider Ichor to Vidra Hearthstove in Thelsamar.


There's never a shortage of empty bellies here in Thelsamar, kids running in and out, workers from the excavation coming in after a hard day's work. We're famous for our blood sausages, I don't suppose you've ever tried them?

No? Well, around here you've got to work for your meals, and don't think just because you're a fancy <class>, you'll be any exception.

I'll need bear meat, boar intestines for the casings, and spider ichor for spice. You get me some of those, and leave the cooking to Vidra!


Trust me, it seems a lot harder than it looks, but...

Oh, I've never known someone to take much interest in the making of sausages, but I'll give you the recipe just in case. Here you go, mind you eat them fresh!
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 875 experience.
  • 250 reputation with Ironforge
The entirety of this quest happens at Loch Modan

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