The Formation of Felbane - Quêtes

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The Formation of Felbane

Take the Shipment to Galvan the Ancient in Stranglethorn Vale.


The weapons are ready to be forged. You must take the tempered azsharite to one with the ability to harness fel energy.

In Stranglethorn Vale such a blacksmith exists. Galvan the Ancient, leader of the Mithril Order, will craft the weapons to your specifications. You will find his encampment between Zul'Gurub and the Mosh'Ogg ogre mound.

May your determination and faith carry you through this ordeal. Should you fail, know that your God smiles down upon you, mortal.


My goodness, I can only imagine what you went through to get these materials. Few venture into Azshara and return alive, let alone those that face demi-gods and giants!

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 4650 experience.
This quest starts at Azshara and ends at Stranglethorn Vale

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