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The Horn of the Beast

Take Margol's Gigantic Horn to Mountaineer Pebblebitty.


The gigantic horn has numerous scratches and cracks. An unusual metal object is lodged into the rough surface.

Upon further examination, you notice that the metal is actually a broken axe head. On the metal, the following words are etched:

Property of Mountaineer Pebblebitty.

When you try and dislodge the broken axe head, it shatters into a million pieces.



What have you got there? A fake obviously!

I've been face to face with Margol and I know for a fact that her horn is at least eight times larger than the one you've got in your hands, <name>. You probably got that off of a stormsnout in the Barrens. No ma'am, you can't fool Pebblebitty!
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 5416.6666666667 experience.
  • 350 reputation with Ironforge
This quest ends at Loch Modan

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