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The Reports

Deliver Senir's report to Senator Barin Redstone in Ironforge.


Excellent! Take my report to Senator Barin Redstone. He's a sour type, so don't let his less-than-sunny disposition get to you. He's in Ironforge, in the chamber where King Magni holds court.

Don't know the way to Ironforge? Take the road out of Kharanos north, cross the bridge, then follow the road east--there are large banners flanking the road--up the mountainside.

By the way, if you might avoid mentioning how you assisted me? Can't let them think I'm not working hard out here, you know?


Authority of the KING!? Has Magni taken complete leave of his senses! And that damnable Whitebeard... Taken matters into his own hands, has he? The Senate will not be pleased to hear about this, not one bit.

What, are you still here? Go, before I call the guards!
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
This quest starts at Dun Morogh and ends at Ironforge

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