The Weathered Grave - Quêtes

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  • Level: 35
  • Required Level: 28
  • Difficulté : 28 31 33 38 42
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Start: A Weathered Grave
  • End: Sirra Von'Indi
  • Races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome


The Weathered Grave

Speak with Sirra Von'Indi in Darkshire.


The weathered grave marker reads simply:



Morgan Ladimore?

Ahh, yes, of course. His was a long and sorrowful tale. I knew him, well, before he left for the war, but that was the last time I saw him. A noble and good man, he was, but he suffered a bad end.

Here, I should have something here that can tell the tale better than my own recollections...
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 700 experience.
  • 25 reputation with Stormwind
This quest ends at Duskwood

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