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Restoring the Necklace

Obtain a power source from the most powerful construct you can find in Uldaman, and deliver it to Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge.


You are going to need to find some "oomph" for the necklace, and Uldaman is probably the best place for it, actually. I guess there are a lot of constructs running around in there, yeah? Well, take out the biggest, baddest construct in that place and grab its power source! I am pretty sure I can fuse that source into the necklace.

Without that power source, fixing the necklace will be impossible. Come back to me here to Ironforge when you have it, and we'll get it all fixed up for you!


Well I'll be - I sure am glad to see you and this power source in one piece. It will take me a moment to magically fuse the power source with the necklace now that the gems have been reunited with it. Once it is done, however, the necklace will be yours!

You're excited, aren't you? All tingly with anticipation? Now where did I put that spell focus at...
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 925 experience.
This quest ends at Ironforge

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