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Find the Gems

Find the ruby, sapphire, and topaz that are scattered throughout Uldaman. Once acquired, contact Talvash del Kissel remotely by using the Phial of Scrying he previously gave you.

From the journal, you know...
* The ruby has been stashed in a barricaded Shadowforge area.
* The topaz has been hidden in an urn in one of the Trogg areas, near some Alliance dwarves.

* The sapphire has been claimed by Grimlok, the trogg leader.


The paladin's journal has provided perhaps the only clues that Uldaman will yield as to the location of the necklace's gems. If the paladin's scribing remains accurate, then the Shadowforge dwarves and the troggs that vie for control of the dig site will need to be dealt with.

Armed with this knowledge, the search for the gems begins in earnest. When all the gems have been acquired, Talvash in Ironforge should be notified via the Phial of Scrying as per his instructions.


Yep, those indeed are the three gems. Good job! Unfortunately, your work isn't quite over just yet.

No, I'm not trying to pull a fast one here, silly <class>. This is about making magic jewelry - Talvash del Kissel quality-level jewelry! You need a strong power source to give it some oomph. Well, that necklace has no more oomph to give.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 3600 experience.

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