The Troll Witchdoctor - Quêtes

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  • Level: 35
  • Required Level: 30
  • Difficulté : 30 33 38 43
  • Faction: Horde
  • Start: Nazeer Bloodpike
  • End: Kin'weelay
  • Races: Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll


Finish this quest will unlock

The Troll Witchdoctor

Take the Defiant Orc Head to Kin'weelay in the Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale.


We must know the events surrounding Marg's death! And the only way to do that, <name>, is through the witch-magic of trolls.

Bring Marg's head to Kin'weelay in Stranglethorn Vale, at the Grom'gol Base Camp.

Kin'weelay is the most powerful witchdoctor of the Darkspear trolls. If anyone can speak to Marg Nighteye's spirit, it is he.


Ah, I now see. The spirit of this orc is bound in our world, boiling with rage from a task yet undone.

Well, let us have words with this angry orc...
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
This quest starts at The Barrens and ends at Stranglethorn Vale

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