Safety First - Quêtes

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  • Level: 41
  • Required Level: 29
  • Difficulté : 29 37 39 44 48
  • Faction: Alliance & Horde
  • Start: Shreev
  • End: Razzeric


Safety First

Return the Modified Seaforium Booster to Razzeric on the Shimmering Flats.


There, I did what Razzeric wanted. Just tell him to be careful when he sets this off. If he makes the slightest mistake, he won't be moving forward, he'll just be a burnt spot on the track.

Would be a shame, too, if that happened. Who knows if our nineteenth driver would be any good?


Now that's more like it! I wish I could see the look on the gnomes' eyes when they see me set this baby off.

Too bad I'll be too busy pulling off a new course record!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 825 experience.
  • 25 reputation with Ratchet
This quest starts at Tanaris and ends at Thousand Needles

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