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No Mere Dream

Protect Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit while it gathers the relics of Aviana, then speak to Dreamwarden Lurosa.


I cannot extricate myself fully from the Emerald Dream to help you, but a fragment of my spirit will guide you in your search for the relics. Guard it well, <race>, for it is a fragile thing.

The Emerald Dream itself has become an alien, dangerous place. Its grasp on me is strong, and I will not be whole until the Emerald Dream returns to normalcy. What you see around you is but an echo of the reality inside the dream!


You are fortunate that Clintar was strong enough to maintain the split in his essence for so long, <name>. Few druids can manage that kind of feat while under attack in Emerald Dream. Guard the relics well!
The entirety of this quest happens at Moonglade

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