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Thunderlord Clan Artifacts

Retrieve the Thunderlord Clan Drum, Thunderlord Clan Arrow and the Thunderlord Clan Tablet. Return them, along with the Thunderlord Clan Artifact, to Rokgah Bloodgrip at Thunderlord Stronghold in the Blade's Edge Mountains.


The artifact bears markings that indicate its origins as being created by the Thunderlord clan orcs. These orcs used to live at Thunderlord Stronghold before they were changed into fel orcs.

For a time the Bladespire ogres inhabited the stronghold until recently when the Horde pushed them out.

You've heard of other artifacts that were lost. A drum, an arrow and a tablet come to mind as objects that you know are being sought after.

Find them in Bladespire Hold and return them to Rokgar Bloodgrip.


I do not believe my eyes! If this is some sort of trick, I will flay the flesh from your bones, <class>!

Quickly, let me examine these priceless artifacts before you break them with your clumsy hands.
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 113000 experience.
This quest ends at Blade's Edge Mountains

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