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Skyshatter Cord

Skyshatter Cord
Item Level 154
Bind on pickup
605 Armor
+30 Intellect
+19 Stamina
Yellow Socket
Socket bonus: +2 Spell Damage and Healing
Durability 50 /50
Class: Shaman
Requires Level 70
Equip: Improves spell critical strike rating by 29.
Equip: Improves spell haste rating by 27.
Skyshatter Regalia (0/8)

(2) Set: Whenever you have an air totem, an earth totem, a fire totem, and a water totem active at the same time, you gain 15 mana per 5 sec, 35 spell critical strike rating, and up to 45 spell damage.
(4) Set: Increases the damage dealt by your Lightning Bolt ability by 5%.

More details

  • Can be disenchanted
  • Type: Armor
Name Level Stock Location Sell Price:
Keeper of Lost Artifacts
70 - 70 Isle of Quel'Danas 0

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