Honor Hold - Factions

Honor Hold

Vestiges of the Sons of Lothar, veterans of the Alliance that first came into Draenor, have steadfastly held on to this Hellfire outpost. They are now joined by th
Name Rank Profession Buy price
Design: Enduring Deep Peridot Friendly Jewelcrafting 6
Dried Mushroom Rations Friendly Bandages 450
Footman's Waterskin Friendly Consumable 200
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing Friendly Enchanting 6
Pattern: Felstalker Belt Friendly Leatherworking 12
Crusader's Ornamented Spaulders Honored Plate 223513
Crusader's Scaled Gauntlets Honored Plate 15719
Dragonhide Robe Honored Leather 223811
Dreadweave Robe Honored Cloth 175829
Evoker's Silk Amice Honored Cloth 132346
Flamewrought Key Honored Key 10
Footman's Longsword Honored Sword 34981
Glyph of Fire Warding Honored Quest 100
Kodohide Spaulders Honored Leather 168468
Mooncloth Vestments Honored Cloth 177764
Opportunist's Leather Gloves Honored Leather 11159
Pattern: Cobrahide Leg Armor Honored Leatherworking 6
Pattern: Felstalker Bracers Honored Leatherworking 16
Pattern: Felstalker Breastplate Honored Leatherworking 16
Recipe: Elixir of Major Agility Honored Alchemy 5
Recipe: Transmute Skyfire Diamond Honored Alchemy 8
Sage's Band Honored Miscellaneous 114780
Satin Hood Honored Cloth 132835
Savage Plate Helm Honored Plate 225219
Seer's Linked Helm Honored Mail 1953
Seer's Mail Armor Honored Mail 271476
Seer's Ringmail Gloves Honored Mail 126514
Stalker's Chain Gauntlets Honored Mail 127490
Wyrmhide Gloves Honored Leather 112719
Design: Dawnstone Crab Revered Jewelcrafting 12
Felbane Slugs Revered Bullet 500
Formula: Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats Revered Enchanting 6
Glyph of Renewal Revered Quest 100
Hellforged Halberd Revered Polearm 555019
Pattern: Netherscale Ammo Pouch Revered Leatherworking 16
Ring of Convalescence Revered Miscellaneous 175952
Blade of the Archmage Exalted Sword 214963
Formula: Enchant Cloak - Subtlety Exalted Enchanting 10
Honor Hold Tabard Exalted Miscellaneous 1
Honor's Call Exalted Sword 201158
Pattern: Nethercobra Leg Armor Exalted Leatherworking 12
Plans: Felsteel Shield Spike Exalted Blacksmithing 6
Veteran's Musket Exalted Gun 1594245
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